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Find your security vulnerablities, and operationalize best practices.
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We make it easy for organizations to adopt and operationalize deep learning.


We have a state of art Tensor flow, Caffe and other ML libraries support and abstraction layer.

Computer Vision

We have expertize in deep learning and computer vision algorithms and can train team on the technolgy.

Operationalize AI

One you have your application and alogrithms in place we can help you operationalize AI on state of art infrastructure in AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

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We work with the best.


We are a proven team of engineers and researchers with previous experience at Microsoft, INRIA, Mitsubishi and Y-Combinator.

Vaibhav Bhandari

Head Engineer

Varun Almaula

Head of Growth

Srikumar R

Head Scientist

Alison Depsky

Head of Design

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Find your security vulnerabilites.